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The Life of Peter

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Life of Peter

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TitleAddress Description
Rothschild/Ha'Adi Quarter A, Caesarea, Israel

Beginning at Caesarea, Peter
traveled through Judea and
Samaria, proclaiming Christ and
witnessing to the Gentiles.

Acts 10:24-11:18

Jerusalem, Israel

Peter denied Jesus three times.
Matt 26:69-75
After his resurrection, Jesus
appeared to Peter and the other
deciples in the upper room.
Luke 24:33-43

Mt. Hermon
Mt Hermon

Peter, James, and John witnessed
the transfiguration of Jesus on a
mountain, perhaps Mount Hermon.
Matt 17:1-9

Jaffa, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

A bold witness in the early church
at Jerusalem
Acts 2:14-41
Peter broadened his witness
to include the Gentiles following
a vision on the rooftop of
Simon the tanner.
Acts 10:9-23

Caesarea Philippi
Dan, Israel

Peter acknowledged Jesus as Lord.
Matt 16:13-16

Bethsaida Junction

Born at Bathsaida, Peter was called
from his fishing nets on the Sea of Galilee
to become Jesus’ deciple.
John 1:44
Luke 5:1-11

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