Joshua Central & Southern Campaigns – HTML5 Animation

Jun 3, 2022

HTML5 Animation.

Powered by HTML5, CSS3, and javascript.

Because of an injury, this is my first map in nearly five months.

Until recently, when building a new map we had to first determine if we wanted to concentrate on animated lines (route paths) or built-in image hotspots (hyperlinks). We couldn’t do both on the same map. Now we can.

When user interactivity is needed then HTML5 keyframe animations are the answer because they enable not only animated lines (route paths), hyperlinks, and buttons (built-in image hotspots), but now also user intervention (clicks & mouse-overs) to re-direct the course of the animation.

The map also features geolocation coordinates prepared by Open Bible and scripture links from Bible Gateway.

Check it out.

Joshua Central & Southern Campaigns

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