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Jesus Starts His Ministry, 26AD

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Jesus Starts His Ministry

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Jesus leaves Nazareth #1

In 26AD Jesus leaves his hometown of Nazareth and journeys south.

Baptism of Jesus by John #2

Jesus is baptised by John in the River Jordan near Bethany in the summer of 26AD. As he emerges from the water, the Holy Spirit descends on him like a dove and God’s voice is heard saying, “You are my Son, whom I love.”

Soon afterwards, Jesus is led by the Holy Spirit into the Judaean Desert where his resolve to follow God’s will is severely tested by the ‘satan’.

Jesus Returns to Galilee #3

After his time of contemplation and prayer in the Judaean Desert, Jesus returns north to Galilee. In the autumn of 26AD, he performs his first miracle at a family wedding at Cana in Galilee by turning water into wine.
leaves Nazareth

Jesus reads the Isaiah Scroll #4

One Sabbath day, according to his usual custom, Jesus goes to the local synagogue in Nazareth where he was brought up. When asked to read from the scriptures, he picks up the scroll of the prophet Isaiah, unrolls it, and reads.

Jesus Rejected in Nazareth #5

Following this rejection in his home town, Jesus goes down to Capernaum, by the lakeside. On the Sabbath, he begins to teach the people.

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