Better Geolocations for iBible Maps

Oct 17, 2021

We have been experimenting with Google Earth Pro to improve the map development process. 

Open Bible has developed and made available accurate geolocation files for every identifiable place mentioned in both the Old and New Testaments. These files (.kml) are readily opened in Google Earth Pro where they enable accurate placement of map places of interest on a three-dimensional world globe.

When satisfied with the Google Earth display we develop the map using the following procedure.

1. Screen capture the Google Earth display.

2. Import the screen capture (.jpg) into Adobe Illustrator software to add travel route paths, etc.

3. Export the Adobe Illustrator file into Adobe Photoshop where the image can be cropped and the resolution resized for a better website image size.

5. Import the PhotoShop image into a WordPress map page where we can add “hotspots” that are linked to event summary information from The Bible Journey or scripture from Bible Gateway.

We have also started including scripture from Bible Gateway on the map page, in addition to linking to it. 

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