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We wish to thank the users of iBible Maps for confirming the applicability and value of our website. 

A Big thank you to iBible Maps and Paul Fogg for letting me use a few of the maps that they have put together. I’m currently preaching through the book of Joshua and having the maps as part of the messages will help the passage come alive and not just be a slog through the names of the cities that were devoted to destruction.

Terry O’Brien, South Pointe Church, Abilene, TX

I found iBiblemaps by accident, but I am glad I did. The way the maps work and the content included with them is easy to follow and brings more clarity to understanding the history contained in the Bible. Could I have permission to use your maps and contact to supplement a Sunday school class I teach?

Thank You, Keith Griffith

I am preparing a teaching for participants in Community Bible Study on 1 Samuel.  Community Bible Study is a non-denominational in-depth study of the Bible.  Our group has about 60 people who meet in person and another 25 who attend via Zoom.  I would like to use your map of The Capture of the Ark in a PowerPoint slide to be viewed by the people attending in person and also those online.  I would in no way alter the map and would give I Bible maps full credit.

 I appreciate your consideration to grant permission.

 Kathy Coupe, Area Director Community Bible Study 

“I acknowledge iBible Maps for its extensive and lucid resources, which prove to be valuable in my study and research. Further, I appreciate Paul Fogg of iBible Maps for his generosity in giving permission for the use of foundational geographical materials in my book.”

William Lam

I am a volunteer teacher of a women’s Bible study at Sun Grove Church in Elk Grove, CA. We will be studying Joshua and Judges this fall using materials from Engage Bible Studies. I am writing to ask permission to use the applicable maps for these books on slides as part of my weekly teaching wrap-ups. I also plan to send out the link to your website so that women can use the interactive features available there for each location. I appreciate the detailed information provided with your maps.

Thank you for your time, Teresa Caldwell

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