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Interactive Animated Bible Maps

interactive animated Bible maps

iBIBLE maps are created and maintained by Grand Lake Web Designs.

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Interactive Animated Bible Maps

We (Grand Lake Web Designs) have developed these interactive animated Bible maps to help bring scripture to life. We do this by using motion graphics and modern informational display techniques to promote a better user experience for visitors to this website.

We are not Biblical scholars or cartographers, and so we rely on the scholarship of others, most notably The Bible Journey.

The methods of creating the maps have evolved over time (see examples below). With the exception of Google-style maps, which have geographic coordinates (latitude/longitude developed by Open Bible), map locations are approximated.

Geographic accuracy is not our top priority and most map locations are approximate. We believe that it is of greater value to display the sequence and scripture of Biblical events rather than an exact geographic location (latitude/longitude).

Thank you Bible Gateway for providing the scripture links.

Psalms For The Very Young

Psalms for the very young prepared by Grand Lake Web Designs for Little Hands Book.

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